créatif en entreprise

Développer sa créativité dans l’entrepreneuriat – Exercice pratique

Développer sa créativité dans l’entrepreneuriat est essentiel pour être impactant et séduire partenaires et clients. De la négociation à la vente, l’audace et l’originalité dont vous ferez preuve ne sera qu’un plus, un atout indispensable à votre succès. Sortez du cadre et développez votre créativité au service de votre business. Exercice pratique

You have to develop a special and creative way of thinking, dreaming, selling your services and products if you want your customers and partners say yes. Boost your business and practice through this practical exercice.

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  • Evan Le Coquil

    New alcohol that does not make you sick the next day
    It tastes very sweet and is about 20% of alcohol
    The main difference with other alcohol is that it hydrates you more than it dehydrates
    We have a variety that looks and tastes like wine to make the people buy it at first without changing their habits
    The bottle will cost between 15 and 20€$
    It will be made in France and we will try to possibly develop an AOP in the future

  • Mahuault

    Hello I’m Laure Mahuault and Today I’m going to introduce you to a concept, a secondhand clothes stand in Carrefour shop.This would give a positive impact to Carrefour on its environment and would attract a new type of consumer, as second hand clothes would be accessible to everyone and easy to find.
    The sector of the secondhand clothes is in full expansion and for carrefour getting into it would give an even more modern image.

  • Léonie

    Hello, my name is Léonie and today I will present you my idea that I would like to bring to carrefour, it is a product that is not yet sold in this store.
    It is something that is used by our young generation but that is not supposed to be used by them in the first place.
    So we know how the young generation often goes out in the week, especially students. In Rennes, they often go to carrefour city to buy their stuff to do a before party, they can buy alcohol, or something to eat like chips and stuff.
    But there is something they are also buying is a solution for after, but they can only buy it in pharmacies.
    It is a powder which is destined for children when they are sick, it is a powder which rehydrates you a lot. They don’t go very often to the pharmacy and they don’t want to go there only for this because it takes time. But if this is sold in carrefour it is easier for them to buy it. So if you put this powder in your stores with a big advertising that is promoting the product, the young people will see that and be like oh lets take that for after so we will feel better tomorrow morning

  • OLICHET Morgan

    Hello everyone I am Morgan, today I will present my project of reusable diaper
    I know that you are already sell diaper but that you must throw them after you use it.
    My concept is earth friendly and inside the sustainable development that we need now in 2022. You just must wash it after you use it on your baby and put him another. It’s adviced to always have 2 or 3 at home because it takes 1 hour to be wash

  • Cillian

    Hello, My name is Cillian. I propose a tanning lotion which signals when the skin is burning. It would make the skin tingle when it is burning as a sign to get out of the sun or re-apply sun cream. More and more people are sunbathing and using sun beds, which has increased the number of people developing skin cancer. This product will allow individuals to sunbathe safely – without the increased risk of burning. It provides value, through its revolutionary technology, and allows users to take precautions while getting tanned.

  • Alan

    The principle of air up is to make you believe that you are drinking a drink with a certain taste when in the end you are only drinking water. In fact, it’s becoming more ande more difficult to drink just water, many young people will drink flavored drinks or sodas directly. This is why air up arises on the sense of smell thanks to its pods that we clip on the gourd which gives us the feeling of drinking something other than just water.

    This innovation is present on websites but never in stores, be the first !

    With this gourd it is also possible not to activate the pod and therefore just have the taste of water in your mouth.

    To start, we can set up a stand to explain the principles of air up and have the product tested by the consumer with interchangeable tips so that there in no health risk.

    Depending on the number of sales at this stand we will then be able to install air up in the store in an official way.

  • Wang lulin

    Now I want to introduce a concept that is the quick haircut shop in the supermarket. First of all, supermarkets represent a certain flow of people. Second, the price of fast hair-cutting stores is lower than that of ordinary stores, For example, the current price of an ordinary barber shop is 25 euros, while the express barber shop only costs 10 euros. At the same time,hair-cutting speed is also faster than other stores, with an average of ten minutes for one customer. In terms of cost control, a fast hair cutting shop does not need a large venue, it only needs to be able to accommodate 3 customers. In terms of personnel hiring, a store only needs 2 staff members.

  • Titouan Ferreira

    What I am offering you today is a graduated water bottle that aims to motivate people to drink the amount of water needed for the day.
    Looking in your store I see that you do not offer any water bottle of any type.
    Health and well-being is a trendy phenomenon today and consumers are increasingly attentive to it.
    You should know that the human body needs at least 2.1 liters per day. This is a significant but necessary amount that few people manage to drink in a day.
    This product is therefore of significant interest in your store, especially in the field of food.
    This product can be presented in the drugstore section at the head of the gondola with a video that explains the importance of good hydration and all its benefits for health.

  • ZENG

    Hello, everyone, my name is Zhiheng ZENG.
    I would like to present my concept today: Sell K-pop album in Carrefour
    For your information, the competitors of my company: Nolae, Kpoptown4u, Fnac
    Firstly, There is a music section in carrefour, but there’s no K-pop section. I went to the very grand carrefour, there are a lot of types of music albums, but there’s no K-pop album.
    Secondly, The purchasing power of fans are very strong. Normally, there are 2 characteristics of kpop fans, there are fanatic, and they often buy a lot of albums. For the people who don’t know about the Kpop album, I would like to introduce you some TMI. In each k-pop album, there are always the selfie card of the members, depends on the different company, the number of the card is different. Some albums only have one card inside, some are two or more. And it’s totally randomly, So if the fans want to get the selfie card of the member that they like, they will buy not just one album.
    Moreover, one thing important of the album that we sell in carrefour, our sales number will be included in Hanteo ranking. Because only when the sales number included in this ranking, fans will be certified as valid sales.
    Lastly, the competitors of carrefour are already began do do this, we can find a lot of album in, so I think sell K-pop album in carrefour will have a lot benefit for carrefour too.
    The conditions that we want to propose to carrefour:
    1. The price of the album must cheaper than
    2. The carrefour will provide us the activities of promotion when we settle in Carrefour.

  • Bartosz Buczyński

    Hello my name is Bartosz Buczyński from polish company “Soplica”. We produce and sell vodka. We are especially famous for our flavored vodka. We would like to introduce our product into French market by starting a co-operation with your company. We think that our product will gain popularity in France as it did in Poland because we know that French people don’t really drink vodka but because our alcohol is flavored it suits your customers better. There is no such in any product in France which would attract many possible customers and made you the only distributor of this product. We know that vodka in France is much more expensive than it is in Poland that’s why we would like to sell our products at lower prices to make it more available. We would sell our vodkas in different sizes (0.2l, 0.5l , 1l) and we would offer variety of flavors (lemon, raspberry, apple, apricot, hazelnut…) to offer our customers a wide range of choice. The implementation may be difficult that’s why could offer some promotions like for example 2 bottles for the price of 1. As I said, we would like to sell our products at lower prizes that’s why we would charge a commission of 15% per bottle. We would also like to be visible in your shops as a brand that’s why we would like to hang posters advertising our products outside your shops. We are a polish company and we want to share our heritage which is why we want you to promote our products in your shops as polish vodka.

  • Shannon Hartono

    I would like to introduce Asian food to the supermarket, as Asian food is currently not found in supermarkets, only in Asian stores. The product particularly that I would like to propose is instant ramen noodles. These noodles are very tasty and has a unique Asian taste unlike any instant noodle offered in Europe. Instant ramens are very delicious and offer a simplicity to making Korean food and experiencing the Korean flavor. It will be a new product because as of now there are little to no Asian products offered in carrefour.

    I would like to open a food stand offering free tasters of instant noodles. It will be a big hit with consumers because many Europeans have never tried ramen noodles and would enjoy the tasters. Tasting it would also push many of them to buy the product and free tasters would attract many consumers. It would be beneficial not just to my brand but to the supermarket as it would widen the consumer market and would also garner asian store customers.

  • Raja Rayhan RAMADHAN

    Carrefour idea
    Hello My name is Raja Rayhan Ramadhan, I want to propose a proposal to Carrefour. I want to sell a cooked Chicken snack because I think after shopping, people wants to eat some food that not too heavy and also enough before they back to their home and also for the people who don’t have time to go to other place.

    So, we wants to give carrefour 3 offer:

    – We Sell the chicken snack using carrefour product. So, carrefour will get benefit on selling their chicken to us

    Offer 2
    – We will give commision to the carrefour by 15 (Can negotiate to 30) percent of all our sales of chicken snack and futures product.

    Offer 3
    – pay a monthly rent to carrefour

    Also we offer a cooking service
    People wants to eat with more cheap price but don t have time for cook
    – Offering cook service for customer that buy from carrefour

  • Evan Le Coquil

    Hi, thank you for having me here, I am here to present you my revolutionary drink.
    It is a new variety of alcohol that does not make you sick the next day. We’ve worked with the best chemist to develop a solution that it hydrates you more than alcohol dehydrates. When you drink it, it tastes very sweet and is about 20% of alcohol.
    Now that you know what the product is, you would ask ‘Will many people buy it ?’. Well we have done our research and found that the main thing that prevents people from drinking alcohol is the sickness of the next day. Also, there could be a reluctance at the beginning because people don’t know our product and it is difficult to change their habits.
    However, we have a variety that looks and tastes like wine to make the people buy it at first without changing their habits. The bottle will cost between 15 and 20€$, depending on how much profit you want to make from it.
    To continue, the drink will be produced in Brittany, and we will try to develop an AOP to increase the prestige of the brand.
    To finish, I would say that our product is an opportunity for Carrefour, who can be seen as the hypermarket that changed the way of consuming alcohol and partying.

  • Henry

    I think the very good idea for carrefour it’s luxury clothes :
    The concept is very simple, carrefour clothes are really very bad ranges, so to attract people I propose to create a stand where to compare to other shopping centers like « leclerc, auchan » the clothes would be high range to perhaps attract a new type of clientele.

    in my opinion a corner of luxury would bring customers who are not necessarily « crossroads » to buy other products.

    for me, making partnerships with recognized brands like « Gucci, Burberry » could be a real opportunity

    however, the department would not be in the clothing department offered by « carrefour » but in a stand outside the store like « the jewelry carousel » to attract as many people as possible

  • Julian

    Hello everyone! My name is Julian and I think our company has the product that you were looking for! We think that it is the ideal product for your Carrefour stores.
    As the awareness for health, fitness, diets and healthy food is steadily increasing, consumers now are focussing on buying « healthy products » with less calories, less sugar, less fat and more protein.

    This is exactly the area where our company has specialized in. We are a German company that produces finished « lite products » like our best selling « LitePizza ». This pizza is completely vegan, high protein, and has only 500 kcal (compared to normal pizzas that often have 1,200 kcal or more). Therefore, it is perfect for health aware people and it allows them to enjoy a delicious pizza even within their diet.
    This is an USP that can’t be offered by any other comparable products in your recent portfolio.

    Since we are already facing great success in Germany (> 250,000 pizzas sold in the first 20 weeks), we are sure that it will be at least the same in France.

    For implementing our product in Carrefour’s portfolio, we want to focus on the following strategy:
    1) Start at the local Carrefour stores in Rennes. Within a trial period of 2-4 weeks, you only pay for the pizzas sold. If there are any pizzas left over (which will certainly not happen), we will be happy to take them back at our expense. To promote our sales and to introduce our pizzas, we want to give the customers free trials in store to show that healthy pizzas can also taste deliciously.
    2) Spread to other Carrefour stores throughout Brittany with a broader marketing campaign
    3) Spread throughout France with major marketing campaign, especially in gyms.

    Our conditions: The retail price per pizza is 3.99€. We guarantee you a profit margin of 20%, so that you will only pay 3.20€ per pizza.
    For this price, we will be willing to be a Carrefour exclusive product.

  • meknassi ismail

    Hi I’m ismail Meknassi. My idea is to collect plastic in poor country and create some sports equipments like surfboard or skateboard. the product will be made by 100% recycled plastic. the idea is to help poor countries to clean theirs streets by collecting plastic. so we can help people and the environnement.

  • Eugenio Castillo

    Hello my name is Eugenio and I would like to propose my product concept for Carrefour Supermarkets. The product idea is boxes of Amaranth Chocolate Wafers, and to start I would like to explain what amaranth is. Amaranth is a pseudo-cereal very much like quinoa which is much more known. It is native to Mexico and the central America area and it is one of the best vegetable origin foods because of its nutritional benefits such as: protein, fiber and vitamin supply, it is gluten free, it is good for the hair and skin, it contains almost every amino acid the body needs and it protects the cardiovascular and digestive system.

    Now, I believe this product can be a very good fit for Carrefour because now a day people are more interested in their eating habits and because of this, there is an increase in healthy eating trends and the selling of these nutritional products. The product can be considered a snack for every type of person. It comes in boxes of 10 packages of 75 grams each (or 3 big wafers) at a price of approximately 15 euros.

    The idea to sell this product in Carrefour can begin by establishing a point of sale in the store which can be a small promotion stand where people can learn about the product. After this, if the product is successful we can talk about moving it to a more established shelf in the store.

  • Kilian

    I will present my product to you,

    it’s about bottling the ambush cocktail.
    First of all what is the ambush, the ambush is a perfect blend of the best local western alcohols: beer, calva, white wine and blackcurrant syrup. This excellent cocktail is very popular with young people and because of its sweet taste and its light « appearance », it can be enjoyed for a simple aperitif but can also follow you until the end of the night. L’ambuscade has one of the best drunk quality ratios on the market: an incomparable taste, inexpensive, effective and causes little undesirable effect the next day.

    However, it is impossible to find this delicious beverage outside the bars, how many times have you dreamed of being able to taste the ambush at home now it is possible.

    To promote the cocktail and attract new customers, a free tasting stand can be set up at the entrance to the carrefour.

  • Lushanna

    Hello, my name is Lushanna and I have an idea that would give your customers more of something most people feel like they don’t have enough of; Time.

    Doing groceries is usually something that most people consider something that takes a lot of time, and they see it as something they have to ‘fit into their busy lives’. Typically, people have a whole list of chores that need to be done, so how nice would it be to be able to multitask?

    We could offer a dog walking service, allowing customers to check two boxes on their to do list at once. With this concept, the customers could bring their dogs with them when they want to do their groceries, and someone of our team would be available to walk the dog while the customer gathers their groceries. The dog will be taken for a walk, and will be waiting for their owner at the exit after an agreed upon period.

  • Camille BENOIST

    Hello my name is Camille and my idea is to integrate a laundry system in carrefour stores. We know that doing laundry takes a lot of time, optimizing this time by shopping can be a good idea to maximize your time and gain efficiency. Indeed this system would be beneficial for both parties. On the one hand, Carrefour benefits from this clientele, which will almost automatically visit the store. On the other hand carrefour customers can benefit from this service. This system is more profitable for the company than the dry cleaning system already present in most of the galleries. Indeed, the customers have a short and sufficient waiting time to buy and spend within Carrefour. They may install a kind of partnership : since this association would bring in more money for the sign, they should not charge for the placement of these washing machines in order to make a fair deal.

  • Paul Le Bouler

    Hello, my name is Paul Le Bouler and this is the idea I would like to propose to Carrefour. Have you ever had trouble creating your shopping list? Simply for lack of ideas or because you didn’t know what to buy to eat healthy. That’s why we want to create a stand inside the store to help you with your shopping. This also allows us to have a follow-up on the customers and to keep them loyal. The products are directly selected in the store. This will be in the form of a subscription. This also allows customers to discover new products.

  • Quentin

    hello I’m Quentin and i’m looking for a new way of looking at the world, and I’m looking for a new way of looking at the world, and I’m looking for a new way of looking at the world, and I’m looking for a new way of looking at the world. This will not leave the children alone in the shop so no injury. The children will have a place to play and have fun together. I think I can access more than 60% of the children who shop with their parents.

    How will you make money?

    It’s simple, the parents will have to pay me a certain amount of money according to the length of their shopping trip, and I will give you 20% of my annual turnover.

  • Camille Benoist

    Hello my name is Camille and my idea is to integrate a laundry system in carrefour stores. We know that doing laundry takes a lot of time, optimizing this time by shopping can be a good idea to maximize your time and gain efficiency. Indeed this system would be beneficial for both parties. On the one hand, Carrefour benefits from this clientele, which will almost automatically visit the store. On the other hand carrefour customers can benefit from this service. This system is more profitable for the company than the dry cleaning system already present in most of the galleries. Indeed, the customers have a short and sufficient waiting time to buy and spend within Carrefour. They may install a kind of partnership : since this association would bring in more money for the retailer, they should not charge for the placement of these washing machines in order to make a fair deal.

  • Wendy Kwong

    Hello Carrefour,

    I would like to introduce myself, Wendy Kwong. I am an international student from California, and realized there’s a great opportunity I would like to propose an idea to help increase your company’s presence amongst the student community.

    As a student, I sometimes don’t have the time to cook as I need time to focus on studying or doing homework and would like to have a freshly made meal option that resonate with my student budget.
    Coming from America, our supermarchés consists an inexpensive small restaurant/deli offering freshly made food like a warm toasty sandwich, fried chicken plate or a made to order salad bar. These deli’s in the marchés have saved me numerous times from not eating as it was quick and easy to pick-up saving me time to cook.

    I propose towards a creation of a pop-up restaurant that produces budget friendly nutritious, fresh, and hot meals for sale towards the public. Coming from America, our supermarchés consists a small restaurant/deli offering freshly made food like a warm toasty sandwich, fried chicken plate or a made to order salad bar.

    The pop-up restaurant will offer a daily rotational meal consisting of four different meal options catering to different dietary needs and restrictions. The products used in house for the restaurant will be directly purchased through your suppliers providing you the ability to hold more purchasing power and cost bargaining opportunities.

    Think of the reason why people go to supermarché to begin with. They know they can pickup everything they need for their household at the same time without making multiple stops at other places. The possibility of picking up a fresh meal along with your groceries all in one stop will greatly benefit Carrefour along with the potential of increasing the value of your sales per transaction.

    With gratitude,
    Wendy Kwong

  • Ha Giang

    Hi, my name is Ha Giang. Since coffee is an essential part in our daily lives, I believe Vietnamese instant coffee will attract more customers and bring back more profits for Carrefour. In Europe, most coffee shops are using arabica beans or coffee blends with a majority of arabica beans. However, in Vietnam, the instant coffee is made of robusta beans, which has a stronger flavor and contains more caffeine than arabica beans. This kind of coffee is more intense and helps to boost your energy. Besides, Vietnam is a huge producer of robusta coffee and high-quality beans are readily available here.

    So, our company will be the middle-man, import all the best, high quality Vietnamese coffee from various brands and sell them in Carrefour. Not only normal coffee, we also provide coconut coffee, egg coffee, etc., which will be an unique selling point for Carrefour. Because our products are instant coffee, they can be stored easily under room temperature. Ideally, they just need to be put among other coffee-related products or being put in a stall for Vietnamese coffee.

    We will share commission for Carrefour at a rate of 15% to 20% monthly.

  • Buquet

    hello I’m Quentin and i’m looking for a new way of looking at the world, and I’m looking for a new way of looking at the world, and I’m looking for a new way of looking at the world, and I’m looking for a new way of looking at the world. I would like to offer to babysit the children of the parents in your shop. This will be done in order not to leave the children alone in the shop so no injuries. the children will have a place to play and have fun together. I think I can access more than 60% of the children who shop with their parents. the space I am asking for is not large, I would just need space to be able to babysit a maximum of 20 children at a time, with tables, dolls, a TV, and a desk for me.

    How will you make money?

    It’s simple, the parents will have to pay me a certain amount of money according to the length of their shopping trip, and I will give you 20% of my annual turnover.

  • Zulema González Mañas

    Hello, I´m Zulema.
    My idea is to create a childcare service in Carrefour.
    Usually, parents have to go shopping with their children because they can´t stay alone at home. That´s a problem for both because children don´t want to stay shopping and for their parents it´s hard go with them if they are bothering all the time.
    So, I think that the best option is create a childcare service. The service consists in that to enter the childcare service the parents or those who are going to leave the children have to join the childcare service. This affiliation cost 5€ per month. With this affiliation they will be able to leave the children when they want, (commit to the schedule), and they will be able to obtain discounts in the supermarket.
    This service will have employees who will ensure that the children are doing activities and entertaining themselves, while their parents shop and are assured that their children are safe.
    The benefits are obtained from the supermarket, which will pay the childcare service and from the fees pay by the members.
    The benefit that Carrefour will obtain is to attract all those families that cannot leave their children alone.

  • Maribel

    Hello my name is Maribel.
    I would like to introduce to you our new service for especially elderly people and also people who don’t enjoy grocery shopping.
    When you enter the store you’ll find a little coffee stand with some comfy chairs where you can wait while our team does the groceries for you.
    We also offer an escort service for disabled people or people in wheelchairs who still want to grocery shop on their own but it’s just to heavy to carry the groceries or reach the upper shelves. So there will be a team member accompanying you while you’re in the store.
    For the people who just hate grocery shopping our team will just take your grocery list and go shopping for you while you wait and have a coffee. During your stay at carrefour you’re able to communicate with your personal shopper to add groceries to the list. Before you check out you are of course able to check the groceries. That way we assure that the customer has a great experience every time he shops at carrefour. You also don’t have to wait longer than 25 minutes to get your whole shopping list in one bag. While the customer waits at the stand he can not only enjoy coffee and little snacks he also gets the latest offers from carrefour and shopping suggestions.
    Why is it better than a drive-in or delivery service? Old people still appreciate the time at the store but it takes a toll on them just going to the store and carrying around all these groceries! With our service the customer can relax while still being able to walk or drive through the store.

    It shows that you really care about your customers‘ experience! This will give carrefour a better image and more people will likely go shopping at carrefour because they are supported.

    This service will cost the customer 10% of their total amount spend but not more than 10€.

    – We will pay a fixed rate every month for the stand and use of electricity
    – As we expect the sales to go up we would like to get a fixed amount from carrefour and also 15% of the revenue that is made with every purchase through our team
    – We would like to sell it as a special service offered by carrefour so we suggest carrefour doing the advertising for the service.

  • Muhammad Jassim

    Hello, my name is Jassim, from X Volunteering Firm/Foundation,

    I would like to launch a community program that comes as a service to both consumers and the community. The France poverty rate is a little over 50% as of 2022 and this program would contribute heavily to the good brand image and social responsibility aspect of Carrefour. The community program I propose is called “Carrefour Has Arrived” or “CHA” where pop up markets will be scheduled around France simultaneously in specific areas where most of the regional population has most people below or close to the poverty line. In these pop-up shops, volunteers will be hired to serve 1 small meal for each person that comes. More importantly, next to food serving section, there will be crates of staple foods and vegetables sold to the people at lower prices than the prices in the store. Now, the question of profit and revenue comes to mind. This sounds like a social program and will not make any money, but I have a proficient answer to that question.

    This program will be a collaboration with my volunteering firm. I have recruited volunteers from universities and high schools around France to be the front-line members of this program. Carrefour has been consistent in their fight against food waste, and this is another short to medium term partnership that can immensely help with that. Staple foods that are not as perishable as others such as potatoes, carrots, canned meats, canned tuna and salmon, dry soups etc. that are stocked in certain carrefour branches in certain parts of France where the purchases of these type of products are not bought can be used for this program. Rather than becoming shelf decorations in those carrefour branches, we can take those products and make money by taking it around France and helping a considerable amount of people while we do it.

    All I ask for with regards to sponsoring is for the staple foods and vegetables and the materials to cook the meals that are going to be given out to the poor. All other aspects such as transportation, props for the pop-up markets, and volunteers will all be done by my volunteering firm. Revenue dispensation can be discussed as sponsors and factors such as promotional strategies for both parties have not been discussed either.

  • Gerard Martinez

    Hello my name is Gerard.
    My idea is a line of precooked food called ‘World Food’.
    Do you want to surprise you friends with a Spanish dinner at your house?
    You will not have to worry anymore because with ‘World Food’ you will find a pack with the best and most typical dishes of the Spanish cuisine.
    Maybe you want to watch your favorite football team match while eating mexican or japanese food, so ‘World Food’ is the perfect product.
    You can buy a pack which includes the most famous dishes of some countries. For example: in the Spanish pack you will have ‘ Spanish tortilla’, ‘Paella’, ‘Tapas’ ,’Pulpo a la Gallega’…
    The pack also includes mini flags to decorate your house and create a great atmosphere.
    The food is already precooked and it is high quality food, in order to enjoy the experince at the maximum level, so the costumers will not have waste time cooking ,following kitchen recipes and cleaning the kitchen either.
    The company could have a deal with Carrefour to market the product under the name of ‘Carrefour World Food’ and having 70% of the benefits for the original company and 30% of the benefits for Carrefour…

  • Parker Moore

    Tired of eating the same ole’ snacks every day? Want to try something new? Do you have the munchies but are on a budget? Well boy do I have a product for you! Hey there, my name is Parker and I want to introduce you to a mystery box full of every flavor you can think of. Cookies, chips, drinks, candy, you name it. Our mystery box uses food that is on its last legs, about a week away from its expiration date. Instead of wasting food, like the 10 million tons of food that already does get tossed out in France, let’s make some money instead! Our expert team of box builders will access your database and keep an eye out for products that are about to expire. We will build the box, set up a display towards the front of the store (for efficiency), and let the customers come to us!

    Our conditions include:
    We receive 50% commission on the profit of each box sold
    1 social media post per month on your account
    Access to inventory counts
    A space near the front of the store
    If you agree, we will be exclusive to Carrefour

    Now, I know great ideas like this one don’t come around too often. Don’t wait!

  • Yukihiko Tao

    Nutrition Adviser

    Hello, my name is Yukihiko Tao, and I have a new idea for customers who buy foods caring for the nutrition balance.
    To help them, the existing Carrefour App now gets the new function called “Nutrition Adviser”.

    To make Nutrition Adviser possible, the Carrefour App equips with two new functions, the barcode reader, nutrition calculator, and nutrition balance suggestion functions, supervised by professional nutritionists.

    Now, many food products in Carrefour market show the “nutrition score” which is graded as A to E; A has the ideal nutrition balance while E does not. To achieve good nutrition balance, many customers manually check this measure, and select the best food combination for their ideal nutrition balance.

    To help their nutrition friendly shopping, customers read the barcode of the products with the Carrefour app, and the nutrition calculator in the app automatically and instantly calculate the nutrition balance of all the food (edible products) each customer have chosen.

    With reasonable price, Nutrition Adviser also offers “suggesting function” for customers who offers their personal information including the age, gender and their daily habit (sports, time for having meal etc.). Based on the given personal information and the selection of foods, the most suitable combination of food is suggested under the supervision of professional nutritionists. The collected information is securely protected and deleted after each suggestion has completed.

    From company side, the selling data and nutrition characteristics which are recorded through the app help them develop the new food products based on customers’ preferences regarding nutrition.

  • India

    Hello, my name is India and I am from the UK. We have set up many cafes in UK supermarkets; we help you to build the business model, advertise, create a menu and we provide experienced staff.

    Supermarket cafes are hugely popular in the UK, where the menu is affordable so it is attractive to all clientele. Further, we offer deals to students and families; they typically have less disposable income so are more inclined to purchase a deal such as a free croissant with a purchase of a baguette and drink.

    Shoppers will have the opportunity to purchase hot and cold drinks, baguettes, salads, pastries and cakes etc. that use Carrefour branded ingredients. This helps to promote Carrefour products as customers will be more likely to purchase the goods after trying them.

    Whilst it is true that there is high competition, figures show that there is a huge market in France for cafes (in 2020, the combined retail sales of cafes and coffee shops in France exceeded 1.6 billion euros, with cafes generating over 80 percent of the market’s total revenue (Statista, 2022))

    We require an initial fee and in return you have your own dedicated team, that are readily available to help you set up the café. The team can take charge of promoting the café on social media, finding experienced staff for you, creating a menu using Carrefour products. We will take a 5% commission on sales, and for the first year of the cafe opening, the team will be in contact to check up on business, answer questions, refresh menus and discuss opening cafes in more stores.

  • Fernando Martín-Mendiluce

    My name is Fernando, I come from Madrid, Spain.

    As I know since I came here, it is not a secret that French people really like Spanish food, you can see it inside some different supermarkets that they´ve stands of Spanish brands who offers sausage (“fuet”), Spanish ham, and so my others.

    So, I would like to present “CM” (Cocido Madrileño)”. CM is a service that is about offer to the clients the “Cocido Madrileño” already cooked it. This is one of the most famous, common and typical food not only from Madrid, also from the rest of Spain. And now, thanks to “CM”, they can have lunch inside the supermarket with a warm a tasty “cocido”, or take it away for eat it at their homes. Also it would be available inside the Carrefour catalogue for order grocery at home.

    The ingredients of the “Cocido Madrileño” are:

    -Garbanzo beans -Shank
    -Bacon -Calf knee bone
    -Salted pork backbones -Cane bone with marrow
    -Fresh sausage -Scalloped or thick noodles
    -Chicken -Potatoes

    The costumers will have three different options for buying the “cocido”:
    -Small Tupperware (1 person): 4,5€.
    -Medium Tupperware (2-4 persons): 7,5€.
    -Big Tupperware (6 persons): 10,5€.

    On the other hand, the conditions between Carrefour and my service will be these ones:
    -I´ll pay a small quantity agreed with carrefour for rent the space inside the supermarkets.
    -The profits will be shared with carrefour with a 10% of its.
    -It will be payed to Carrefour a small tax for add our product into the webside catalogue.

  • Brinda Ulily

    Hello everyone! Hope you have a good day. I’m Brinda Ulily and I’m here to offer a new product for Carrefour. I have this idea to put a claw machine filled with small to medium size toys for the kids to have some entertainment while their parents are shopping. The machine can take coins or cards to play, maybe for €1 per try. I think this idea is great for Carrefour, because I often see kids getting bored when their parents take a long time to look around the shop. This could also be a good deal, since claw machines are addictive. There are new triggers for pleasure centers in the brain when playing the claw machine. So the kids will keep on paying €1 until they get the toys. The machine should not be too tall for the little kids to play. It will be placed near the entrance, so it will be the first thing the kids will see and want. Plus, there will be not too much maintenance needed, which means less expenses. The toys could also be from Carrefour for marketing purposes. We can talk about dividing the profit after a month of trial when the claw machine is placed in the Carrefour, but for the first month Carrefour can take 25%. To attract more people, we can put posters outside of Carrefour and other places about this new game.

  • Kemal Ariowibowo

    Hello my name is Kemal Ariowibowo and I would like a propose an idea for carrefour.

    Sometimes, you want to go to carefour to just buy a single hot coffee with the beans you usually buy to bring home or want to eat a different taste of snacks. But you couldn’t because there are only cold coffee there plus if putting a vending machine there you won’t get the coffee that you would prefer at home. Then you keep having the same snacks with the same taste over and over again. You just want to taste something different.

    I propose to change one corner in carefour for you to be able to create your coffee, with the exact coffee you want also with the amount of hot water that you prefer. A machine should be provided there also the coffee and the water. In this corner a bunch of sauce are provided as well. Cheese sauce, chili sauce, onion powder, etc and you can just open your snacks there and put the sauce on top of it.

    This will help a lot of workers and students whose home are far from that carrefour so that they can quickly what they want at that place without going home to make the coffee or snacks.

    I propose that every cup of coffee made there also every glass of sauce used by carrefour to provide for the customer I get 5%.

  • Priscilla SIALLAGAN

    Having period cramps every month has been disturbing in most of the women daily life in the whole world. Buying heat pack technology is very expensive and cannot be used immediately and it needs to be delivered and charged. Well, there is the traditional heat pack, but you need to fill it in with hot water, so that it will work on our tummy. Not only for most of the women in the world, but it can be used for all of people around the world. The product that I want to present is a hot Cajeput oil or in Indonesia, it is called Minyak Kayu Putih. This product is very cheap, like it can be sold at 1 to 2 euros, and very useful because it gives a hot sensation when you apply the oil to your tummy, which relieves the pain of the stomachache or headaches. In addition, it is portable, so everyone could bring it everywhere. Carrefour should sell this product because the target market could be everyone, which means Carrefour could be benefitted and profited.

    As Cajeput oil is quite hard to be found in France, I could suggest that Carrefour should be the first one that sell the product to their customers in their supermarket. Carrefour could promote this new product to the customer in a small booth stand and let people try to smell and use it to feel the sensation. We can share profits around 25% for each product being sold. That is all what I want to propose and thank you very much for your time to listening to me. I am Priscilla Erica N Siallagan and I look forward to meeting you soon. Have a pleasant day.

  • Ravshan Celtica

    Hi, my name is Ravshan Celtica.
    Here, I will present to you my idea that I’d like to propose to Carrefour. This idea is just simple but has a huge impact towards the customer.

    As a student in France, I found that I feel very lazy to prepare my breakfast before going to class, especially in the morning. Getting from bad is kind of a huge effort, and we tend to prioritize going to school or work in the first place, rather than doing those kinds of stuff. I think a lot of people will agree with this condition. Therefore, I myself, if I get hungry before or after lunch, I usually just go to the supermarket, and buy fast food or maybe some croissants. Thanks to Carrefour that is very aware of this business opportunity, and has provided this kind of service. With those bought, I also buy some cola or coffee in my bag as my complementary food to enjoy. However, cold drinks sometimes don’t work, as I need some hot beverages to bring my mood up during the day.

    Here, I propose to you an idea for providing one space for people to create their own hot coffee and tea. With just a small investment on a kettle and tea & coffee sachet, it helps people a lot. People now can go to Carrefour and grab their hot tea or coffee with their food purchase in the morning or afternoon as their breakfast. Not just for students, it also helps the corporate worker, bus driver, eldery and many more. With this service, Carrefour now becomes the “one stop solution to everyone”.

  • dzikra fahrisi

    Collaboration with a community:
    After examining carrefour’s pillars and taking concern on the create an omni-channel universe of reference and making eating better accessible to everyone. I would like to propose an organic cultural based food ingredients/fast food products. Here i am thinking of making a new sector in the carrefour store where the customers could easily find types of products based on the origin of the product. customers can find ingredients and also fast food products which made of organic based ingredients.

    It will be a collaboration with us as a community who take concern on environment and health sector. The profit sharing itself will come from the new product entrance to the sector and profit share from the sold products. New product entrance to the section will need to processed trough a qualification, so that there will be no under qualified product. We will also take care of advertisement in our social media so it will also increase the customer engagements for carrefour and my community.

    In this organic cultural based product space will also provide spaces for other product that met the requirements. The space will need refrigerators and compartments to put the product. This proposal is done since people are starting to be aware to the environmental friendly ingredients and also to their health conditions. By buying products from this section, it will help people who take concern on their conditions and also to the environment. By this Carrefour will increase their environmental value and achievements.

    Collaboration with Foodtech Company :
    My proposal is to make a drive-thru service for the customers. This drive-thru service will help customers who just wanted to but several product and feel lazy to get out of their car. The concept is similar to McDonalds drive-thru where they just need to stop at order, payment, and pick-up station. This will increase the effectiveness of grocery shopping. This drive-thru service will need extra space in the carrefour for every station. We as the supplier will provide human resources, management, and concept of this proposal.

    This drive-thru services will gain profit from the product sold and also will gain “profit” for the advertisement in our media. Carrefour will also get a product development for their products or their services. We will buy spaces from Carrefour and also shares our profit to Carrefour. The products that wanted to use this services will need to pay for commission.

  • Fernando Martín-Mendiluce

    My name is Fernando, I come from Madrid, Spain and I´m here to present my idea about introducing a new product-service in Carrefour, France supermarkets or hypermarkets.
    As I know since I came here, it is not a secret that French people really like Spanish food, you can see it inside some different supermarkets that they´ve stands of Spanish brands who offers sausage (“fuet”), Spanish ham, and so my others.
    So, I would like to present “CM” (Cocido Madrileño)”. CM is a service that is about offer to the clients the “Cocido Madrileño” already cooked it. This is one of the most famous, common and typical food not only from Madrid, also from the rest of Spain. And now, thanks to “CM”, they can have lunch inside the supermarket with a warm a tasty “cocido”, or take it away for eat it at their homes. Also it would be available inside the Carrefour catalogue for order grocery at home.
    The ingredients of the “Cocido Madrileño” are:
    -Garbanzo beans -Shank
    -Bacon -Calf knee bone
    -Salted pork backbones -Cane bone with marrow
    -Fresh sausage -Scalloped or thick noodles
    -Chicken -Potatoes
    The costumers will have three different options for buying the “cocido”:
    -Small Tupperware (1 person): 4,5€.
    -Medium Tupperware (2-4 persons): 7,5€.
    -Big Tupperware (6 persons): 10,5€.

  • Victor

    Hello Everyone, I’m Victor. I gone a talk about my proposal. Today I propose you a sneaker stand on demand. This stand will serve for all types of people looking for a pair ranging from the most banal model to the most sophisticated. These shoes can be a pair of sneakers as well as a pair of shoes of any sport. For this you can call in advance the stand that takes care of this service specifying the model and size you want. You can also go directly to a hub and make your request to the stand advisor.
    To reach your request a team of 5 pairs trackers, will work full time to find the one you want. The team will find it as soon as possible. You can then withdraw it during your next races.

    To set up this stand it only takes a small space where you can put a counter with a salesperson looking after the customers.
    The sneaker stand will have to pay a monthly fee agreed with Carrefour to let it offer its services.

  • Moore

    Tired of eating the same ole’ snacks every day? Want to try something new? Do you have the munchies but are on a budget? Well boy do I have a product for you! Hey there, my name is Parker and I want to introduce you to a mystery box full of every flavor you can think of. Cookies, chips, drinks, candy, you name it. Our mystery box uses food that is on its last legs, about a week away from its expiration date. Instead of wasting food, like the 10 million tons of food that already does get tossed out in France, let’s make some money instead! Our expert team of box builders will access your database and keep an eye out for products that are about to expire. We will build the box, set up a display towards the front of the store (for efficiency), and let the customers come to us!

    Our conditions include:
    We receive 50% commission on the profit of each box sold
    1 social media post per month on your account
    Access to inventory counts
    A space near the front of the store
    If you agree, we will be exclusive to Carrefour

    Now, I know great ideas like this one don’t come around too often. Don’t wait!

  • Youssef karray

    Hello, my name is Youssef Karray, and I’m proposing for you as you are the manager of the supermarket is a large range of food but not just any. I’m asking to create a new section that involve the Mediterranean and Maghrebin flavors. This idea arises from the fact that the number of people coming from these countries is getting higher day after day also this kind of food products is getting more known pretty much everywhere in the world. My role in this mission will be to ensure the import of these products, the quality control system of the goods and following the process of sales depending on the demand. The assets of this idea are that we will offer products that may already exist in the market such as Harissa, Olive-oil, dates and many others but also we will add new products that are in high demand such as Mediterranean spices or the special handmade sweets that are always a good idea to take it as a gift, etc.… but not only that we will have a price advantage compared to the current market in Europe. The market study is already done, the executive plan is ready to be put into practice. I’m offering these services for 75% of earnings after any fiscality or financial deduction.
    Thank you

  • Andres Castillo

    Hello, my name is Andres Castillo, it’s a pleasure to be able to present to you, my offer. Seeing how high the cost of acquiring replacements for vehicles, this includes the cost of the product itself, plus the cost of assembly and delivery which depending on the take weeks or even months. Since your stores mainly located in very accessible and populated zones, our company would like to rent a space to sell just that. Tiers and any other crucial part for the correct functioning of a car, at an accessible price for your customers.

    This concept will not only help you as a company bringing high incomes, but also the clients who are in need for this new efficient service. This concept will be composed by two steps:

    – Order: Where the clients are going to choose the items through our online catalogues on the internet or by visiting our physical locations.

    – Delivery or Assembly: The customer will have his order delivered and assembled completely free.

    Here you have our conditions:
    – Carrefour will receive a sum for every item sold. Such sum will be determined if the contract is made.
    – We’ll like to have a mid-term partnership with the option of making it a long-term partnership if the service is a success.
    – All items can me sold and marketed by Carrefour.
    – We as a company will oversee the delivery and the assembly of our products.
    – We’ll like to rent a space preferably a medium size area.

    • Fauriza

      Many of the students have problems in choosing and buying their lunch. Especially for me and my friends, who always have to get up early to prepare lunch for school or queue too long to buy food at the canteen. As a student who feels this problem, i want to propose a good business idea, healthy food catering for students. This business will be in Carrefour as a place to pick up food that has been ordered by students online. However, for students who are too lazy to take their food supplies at the nearest carrefour, they can request to be delivered to the front of the school at a very cheap delivery price. They can also directly buy food (a lunch box) at our place at Carrefour, but they can only buy the available menus. Unlike those who order food online, they can choose the menu according to the menu they want. For those who are not students, they can also buy it at a different price, specifically for students we provide special prices.


    Hello ; my name is Briac Boivin—Le Berre. I am a third-year student in international management bachelor and I’m here today to introduce you to my new start-up I want to implement in several Carrefour shop.

    Let’s start with the beginning, when we go to make our shopping for foods etc we all want to be fast, efficient, not losing time and be sure of what we want. But we also know that people are oftently liking to taste product; and have some ideas. Therefore, few years ago I thought about a way to earn money by orienting people buy. The idea of a recipe book, only made of products you can find in a carrefour came up. With a stand at the entrance where we cook and allow people to taste freely those recipes, we will make them enjoy it and wanting to test it. Recipes will be all regrouped in a book that will be sold at the stand, like that people will be more likely to buy it after tasted recipes and since the recipes are made with carrefour products they will adapt their list of furniture’s to the recipes. In this way we will be able to work with local products, seasonal recipes, and as carrefour is also working with local producers it will be a perfect link between producer, retailers and creation. The idea is to help Carrefour selling some products that people wouldn’t think of buying at the first time, and also keep allowing the Carrefour idea of well-eating with healthy plates and local products in order to favorize local production. Our company will find it’s money in book selling and potential partnership to have reduced cost for stand recipes. With all of these, Carrefour will have a great project for marketing and communication, a permanent way to catch new consumers, make them buy more products (that are for the most pretty expensive related to what they could buy in routine shopping) and also a continuity in their project of local food, healthy food and fair retailing making local producers live. Finally, by changing recipes every season we will be able to retain customers as they will enjoy the concept and want to come back try new ones. Our company really wanted to work with Carrefour as they are the leaders and first in France to hardly focus on healthy products that are bio and local, keeping fair prices on them.

    Concerning the logisitcal part, we will put our own cookers and sellers at the stand, and we have two proposition concerning the financial part:
    -else Carrefour offer us the products we need for recipes and the stand and we give them 15% of our total sales revenue
    -else we pay the products, with reduction or not, but we keep all the revenue of our sales

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Inès AMMI

    Hello, my name is Inès AMMI, and I am speaking to you director of the supermarket to offer you products accessible to all and innovative . I’m asking for a new section that involves a mixture of Asian and Maghrebian products. Numbers of people coming from these countries are increasing day by day. These types of food products are increasingly consumed because of their peculiarities and diversities. My role in this mission will be to ensure the import of these products, manage the quality control system as well as the management of the sales process according to demand and respond to customer feedback on the online platform to meet their needs. The advantages of this idea are that we will offer products that can already exist thus promoting customer loyalty but in parallel proposed mixed products thus creating a connection between different culture that can still be associated with the aim of proposing Product rich in flavor with excellent value for money. Everything is already in place at the executive level. Waiting for your favourable response
    Best regards


    I am from China and my name is Ziyi LI.

    In China, there is usually a special place in supermarkets that sells snacks made on the spot. These snacks have a common feature, that is, they are easy to make and can be mastered by employees without long training. And I noticed that there is no such place in Carrefour in France.

    We will provide on-site such as: grilled squid, Chinese-style multigrain Kebab, fried tofu, spicy seafood dumplings, and various Chinese-style pastries.

    Our conditions are:
    -We provide staff training and equipment purchase, Carrefour provides food procurement and venue
    -We take 30% of the profit from each order
    -We will set up a daily product spot check system to ensure the quality of Chinese snacks provided in different Carrefour supermarkets around the world
    If you agree, we will create more new profit points for Carrefour!

    Now that a good and successful idea is rare, don’t hesitate! Let’s cooperate!

  • Jeff Hartono

    My name is Jeff Hartono, my idea for Carrefour is to sell gym-based consumables, to attract a different market to the store. I believe that at least 2 in 5 people go to the gym or regularly exercise, and they are mostly interested in improving their performance with the use of supplements. But, a lot of people are worried about the health standards of these products, and may not be sure regarding the dosage. Gym supplements are mostly sold online, so that consumers are not given the freedom to select the products by hand, as well as sample or taste the product before the purchase. Since Carrefour is a strategic supermarket that is popular, I believe that it is the right place for this product to be introduced to people. who are unsure of it. The products offered will include protein powder, pre-workout drinks, BCAA drinks, creatine, and other supplements for exercise. These products will be healthy, and people will not have to worry about any side effects brought by it. A subscription will also be offered, for a monthly shipment of gym supplements that can be delivered or taken at the stand. The shipments can be customized based on the customer’s needs and hence be priced differently as well. Free items will be included in the subscription, such as shaker bottles, discount cards, and towels. For the space inside the Carrefour, rent will be paid, as well as a small percentage of the revenue shared with Carrefour. The contract may change when other stands open due to high demand. I believe this is a fair offer since this stand will get more customers for Carrefour, hence Carrefour will earn profit disregarding the sales of the stand.

  • robel

    Hello my name is robel and the service I would want to establish in carrefour would be a stand that provides networks so called mobile network carriers. I believe this can be crucial for Carrefour’s market because customers will be satisfied and most things they need at one place since the supermarket carries electronics and other technological materials after the customers purchase a new phone or a new iPad they will be able to purchase a sim card also other electronic devices that the customers couldn’t find in the store. How I plan to pay carrefour from my shares is based on the revenue percentage which is going to be 6% of the revenue generated every month. Since there is going to be slow times I don’t want to settle for a fixed price so I would go with variable pricing strategy. The reason it will be a good idea for carrefour to accept my offer is its more revenue for the company and also vast and diversified options for the customers.

  • Adèle GARREC

    My name is Adèle GARREC, I am 19 years old and I would like to submit my project to you today. I would like, inside the crossroads, to create a stand for people in precarious situations, students, etc. In this stand, there would be packed lunches, with various products. These meal packets will be made up of unsold products by carrefour. The prices of these baskets will obviously be low enough to meet the needs of the poorest.

    This idea is, I think, really beneficial for the store because in addition to using unsold products, this project will be fueled by a large publicity which will bring many people to the store. Life is getting more and more expensive, so I think a lot of people will be interested in this concept. Of course not everyone will be able to access it, it will really be necessary to give priority to people in precarious situations, it is perhaps the only weak point of the project.

    I also think that the store will have more customers since it will send back a good image thanks to its solidarity action.
    Environmentally, my project will also be good for the planet thanks to a significant reduction in waste.

    I sincerely hope that my project will please you and will live up to your expectations.


  • VAÏTY Théo

    Hello everyone,

    Today, more and more people are buying means of transport that are much more ecological and much less expensive than a car. Indeed, in France, the majority of people own at least one bicycle, scooter, skateboard or rollerblades. These means of transport, used to move around or to get thrills or do sports, although less expensive, are very fragile objects that can break at any time.

    My company « drive to your future » is a company specialised in all alternative means of transport of good quality but at a cheap price. We sell but also repair all your vehicles (electric scooters, bicycles, rollerblades…). You can enjoy a wide range of equipment at different prices

    The advantage for you is to have advice on the equipment you buy, to come and have your equipment repaired at the same time as you do your shopping, to earn money while staying on good quality products. The aim beyond all this is to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment by using alternative means of transport while encouraging you to do more sport.

  • Killian FIRMIN

    Good morning,

    My name is Killian Firmin and I am contacting you for an innovative idea to incorporate into your Carrefour store.

    In your Carrefour stores, you offer many products of all kinds, only when you are looking for specific products it can be difficult to understand. I am referring here to the health product. It is forbidden to sell certain medical products that request a prescription. My idea would be to create a health area alongside the cosmetic and hygiene departments, where consumers could come and ask for their medical products. Non-prescription free access products would be available to all of this space but consumers could also have medical products available only by prescription. To do so, we will find a few pharmacy specialists who will be able to check prescriptions and other consumers in order to deliver medical products that can not usually be sold in large areas. The idea would therefore be to create a “pharmacy” corner within the Carrefour, to complement the free access medical products already on sale in large areas.
    This idea would be beneficial because it would save time for consumers, and could therefore influence store attendance.

    Take the example of a family that goes shopping. She usually does her shopping and if she needs medical products prescribed by her doctor, she has to go to the pharmacy which can waste time, especially if there is no pharmacy nearby.
    Here, this problem will no longer exist, the medical products that the family needs can be bought at the same time as the shopping with a medical proof (as in pharmacy).
    This would save the family time and could convince many consumers to use the Carrefour with this space rather than other supermarket chains.

    Medical products will be sold 7% more expensive than ordinary pharmacy. This 7% will be for your brand, in addition to the increase in attendance at your store. This idea will also benefit our future pharmacy as it will be more crowded and while its easy accessibility we can have in large distribution chains

    In the hope that you will grasp my best intentions, I will await a return from You carefully.


  • Maxence

    Hello, my name is Maxence GELINEAU and I am in my third year of the bachelor program at the Rennes School of Business.

    My idea would be to set up a stand that would allow people who wish to do makeup or have access to skincare during their shopping.

    Just follow small steps to enjoy this stand.
    -As a first step, customers who want makeup or want access to skincare will choose the products they want.
    -Then, the customer goes to the booth to ask one of the staff members to make him up or apply the care. The staff person will be a qualified professional in the field.

    Customers using this approach will be required to purchase the products they have selected

    This stand allows customers to have access to a professional service. It also allows you to take a break from their shopping by taking a moment to relax for them, no matter what time they come to the store.

    -We will receive 30% commissions for each beauty product sold.
    -We will sign a privacy and exclusivity document with stores engaged in the process.
    -We will also need space to position our booth. This booth will be in the beauty section.
    -We connect with the people in charge of store marketing to set up a marketing campaign.

  • Briac BERTRAND

    Hello, my name is Briac BERTRAND and I work in the events industry. Recently, I had the idea to help develop the shops in my area.
    I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it seems to me that starting with the nearest carrefour to my home is a good idea.

    First of all, let me tell you about my idea:
    The idea would be to organize a gaming competition in the carrefour shop. Indeed, the idea is to organize an event in which the young people of France could identify themselves. All the computers would be provided by Carrefour. I could see that you have a selection of hardware dedicated to gaming. This could be a huge advertisement for your shop. As for the players, they will be selected directly from the League of Legends game via an open team competition. Only the four best teams will compete in your shop.

    To make this event happen, you would need to provide the computers and the space. (i.e. the gaming department will be needed to install the equipment). I would also like to have a broadcast in the shop so that customers and spectators can come and watch. I would be in charge of the organisation of the competition, the communication and the installation of the equipment.

    A live stream will be set up online so that internet users and people who can’t come to the event can watch. A paid vote to support the teams will also be set up. 25% will go to the winners, 25% to me and my team and the rest to your shop.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you

    Best regards,

    Briac BERTRAND

  • Florentina Leila

    Dear Carrefour,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present my idea

    My name is Florentina, a business student who has this amazing idea that not only will give me the opportunity to grow, but also expand your business to a whole new area.

    As a student, it is not rare to find myself in a situation where I have a problem with sending my orders from online webs, some properties are hard to reach or even time limitation due to restricted security system and as an International student, addresses may appear different as to the ones from back home which makes me wish for an easier way to receive my orders.

    My idea consists of a locker space that acts as a safe for anyone who needs a product shipped from different markets, such as e-commerce, regular shippings, and any other types of parcels that you need. The locker will provide different sizes of space to accommodate different shapes and sizes of package, and prices will follow respectively to the space that we provide.Pick ups and drop offs will be accompanied by a unique QR code, which are provided through our app, that is also used to fill the needed information regarding the package such as size, type of product, sender, and receiver, as well as billing address. The QR code will have to be scanned, which will automatically unlock and lock the space that has been reserved via application. As the space will be inside the building, packages are protected from severe weather conditions as well as human criminality.

    I am giving you the liberty to collaborate with me in naming this idea, in order to represent the both of us, as well as a considerable amount of share in the business.

    I thank you for your time and consideration, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

  • Sania Diba Aqila

    Dear Carrefour,

    My name is Sania Diba Aqila and I want to share a business concept that I believe will make Carrefour more appealing to customers. The idea is freshly cooked and boiled food stall located near the cashier of Carrefour.

    Not only do we provide snack products that are usually found in mini markets, but we also have a menu of delicious food and snacks. Starting from typical Japanese, Western food, to local Indonesian flavors to contemporary Korean-style snacks.

    As an example, we serve oden, as a delicious meal or snack. This food from Japan is known as a type of Nabemono or boiled food in broth.

    Another delicious food menu that must be a customer choice is a variety of chicken Karaage sticks. The various satays that are displayed on the display at the front of the cashier are really very tempting for the customers not to buy it. There are many other tempting food that we will offer.

    This is beneficial for various parties, for example a student who does not have time to cook food, can directly buy boiled food from the stall near the Carrefour cashier. Carrefour will certainly benefit because every buyer who wants to pay will definitely be treated to a view of the food served in front of them and the aroma of the food will certainly be smelled, thus making customers tempted to buy the food.

    This is all I have to offer, and I appreciate you taking the time to consider it. Thank you very much.

  • Patchara

    Hello, my name is Patchara. I come from Thailand. I would like to present you an instant noodle from Thailand that has shrimp Tom Yum(Tom Yum Goong) flavour. I want to introduce you an instant noodle from Thailand is because as we can see that the instant noodle from each countries; it has a different flavor. For example, the Korea’s instant noodle has a kimchi flavour and Paldo cheese noodle; But I want to offer you a Thai instant noodle that has a shrimp Tom Yum flavour because instant is quite cheap and easy to cook; and the shrimp Tom Yum or in Thai we called Tom Yum good is in the top 20 list of the best soup in the world from CNN travel list. So, it is a great chance to deliver a instant noodle that has a taste of one of the best soup in a cheap price if you accept my product.

  • Karna

    As I moved to France, I realized that none of the supermarkets have a good selection of protein rich food. Imagine how many new costumers Carrefour would gain if all the gym rats realized that you don’t have to go to a specialized gym store to buy a nicely flavoured protein bar of high quality. I have created a company called “Perform” that sells protein- powder, pudding, milk, bars, and smoothies. Not only is there a wide selection of high protein and low-calorie products, but they taste excellent and are a great post workout meal, or snack when you are on the go.

    The” Perform” products are low in price, as the cost to produce is also low, which is coherent with Carrefours reputation of being an affordable store with a wide selection of quality food.
    I want to sell my product exclusively in carrefour stores. I believe that this would attract new costumers and make existing costumers pleased as it widens the product selection in the store. I have a proposal that I don’t think you should turn down.

    I will sell my products on a highly marketed stand that you cannot miss when you walk in the store. During the first 2 weeks of the launch there will be free taste tests of a few of the products. The costumer can buy the products directly from the store. Carrefour will advertise that customers who sign up for subscription on the “perform” website will receive a free product directly in the store with a discount code in the register. “Perform” will take care of the financial aspect of freebies. So how will Carrefour earn from this financially?

    For every product sold, Carrefour will get a whopping 50% of the profits for each sold item. This might sound naïve; however, I strongly believe that “Perform” is a product that will be so well-liked that costumers will want a subscription on the website. Those who don’t will be returning costumers that will buy the products from directly from Carrefour.

    By having a stand selling “Perform” products In Carrefour, the store will benefit financially, since it’s a great financial bargain. In addition, it will widen your selection of products, which will help you gain new customers in a highly competitive market. Lastly, existing customers will be pleased by the fact that Carrefour continues to evolve their product line.

  • Maria

    France is known for being the cheese capital of the world, how is it that they still haven’t found a good solution for cutting the cheese yet? Wonder no more! I have the perfect solution for all French families and shoppers of Carrefour… Introducing the cheese slicer!
    The cheese slicer will most definitely be a hit. Not only will the cheese be perfect sliced, it will also allow the consumers be more sustainable. By allowing me to have a stand next to your cheese section I will almost guarantee you to increase your cheese sales with my invention. Picture this: I will be selling a new kitchen essential, demonstrating it with your delicious cheese and the consumers will buy both of our product. Perfect? I think so.
    By giving me this opportunity, you will not only have a hopeful student in your shop trying to make sale, but you will also actually make profit.
    We are in a time where the inflation matters a lot, people have less money to use. Why don’t use this as a marketing strategy to sell more cheese? With my cheese slicer, you are able to save more cheese by cutting smaller pieces. In that way you also save money and more sustainable!

    My proposal is easy, and I could argue that it benefits both parties. My conditions:
    – For this to benefit us both, my stand needs to be placed near the cheese section
    – We can agree upon a midterm partnership, that can evolve to a long-term partnership if both parties wish for it.
    – Carrefour will get 20% of every item sold.
    – After ended partnership or if wished upon, Carrefour can by my operation for the cheese slicer for a sum both parties are happy with.

    I hope this intrigued you and that you are interested in a future partnership with me. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste (just like all the cheese without a cheese slicer;)

  • Elsa Deyris

    ATG box ( around the globe box ) , are you an adventurous person and like to eat , discover new foods from other cultures?And cooking is enjoyable or a passion for you but you might not have time or don’t know where to start to explore ? From Japanese , Caribbean to Indian food and more.

    Hello , my name is Elsa and I would like to propose Carrefour, a monthly/ weekly subscriptions service. Which would consist of having a physical stand or through an application, the box will be sent to our customers house weekly or monthly for them to try.

    The box would include all the ingredients, step by step recipe and measurements needed for them to prepare their delicious food. Each box would differ from a variety of cuisines , they can select on an application or at the stand itself which one they prefer, it would be flexible. We would use carrefour fresh ingredients , offering vegetarian, vegan options. One box would start from approximately 7 to 8 euros , with this price range I believe that it would attract a lot of consumers that are interested in saving time but would still like to consume fresh home cooked style meals , in addition it would allow them to discover new cultures through food.

  • Ying CHEN

    Hello, I’m Ying CHEN, today I want to introduce a automatic milk tea coffee vending machine to Carrefour. Nowadays, milk tea and coffee have become a trend, especially for the younger generation. As a beverage with high daily demand, people often drink milk tea or coffee when shopping, chatting or even eating. Many customers also like to buy food and drinks in Carrefour for breakfast, because it is very cheap, fast and convenient. Therefore, automatic milk tea coffee vending machine can provide customers with hot, cold, room temperature milk tea or coffee at any time.
    As a person who likes going to the supermarket, like me, I often chat with my friends while going to the supermarket, and I will feel very thirsty. But if you buy a drink, you have to pay for it and leave the supermarket before you drink it. Automatic milk tea coffee vending machine is the perfect solution to this problem, and it is very cost saving. You don’t need staff to look after the machines, just regular inspections and repairs.
    Not only milk tea and coffee themselves are popular, automatic instant availability will also bring customer satisfaction.Automatic milk tea and coffee vending machines will not only improve customers’ shopping experience, but also benefit Carrefour.

  • Arman Avdalian

    Hello, my name is Arman Avdalian and I would like to offer my idea regarding what new things can be brought to Carrefour stores. I would like to suggest that the shop sell non-alcoholic spirits such as vodka, gin, rum, vermouth. The main direction of use of this product – various cocktails. This product is designed specifically for those consumers who would like to reduce their alcohol consumption. Even having given up alcohol, people want to be able to maintain various, for example, social traditions. Soft drinks will give such an opportunity even to those people who do not drink alcohol. This product gives everyone the opportunity to continue enjoying their favourite cocktails. It’s safe to say that this can find fans among people who look after their health. Non-alcoholic spirits are convenient for those who want to drink cocktails with friends, but still want to stay conscious and not feel bad the next day.

    Our conditions:
    Receive 30% of the company’s total soft drink sales
    Promotion of our partner brands in the production of strong non-alcoholic beverages

    We look forward to your replay and further cooperation
    Thank you for your attention

  • Lisa Kiwitt

    Ever been craving a coffee when you go grocery shopping? Or have you ever been craving a cozy warm chocolate after you go to Carrefour, when you can already see the cold weather through the windows?
    This will change with the introduction of Columbus Café & Co into the big Carrefour centres, such as the one situated in Kennedy. Customers will then be able to purchase their drink prior to shopping in order to enjoy their drink while they stroll through the store. This has been proven to be successful in the U.S. American store Target. These large hybrid markets typically possess a Starbucks Café inside them, which encourages its customers to take their time in the store, and eventually it encourages them to spend more money. Carrefour will therefore benefit from the strategic alliance by raising their revenue and potentially attracting new customers, who wish to take their time while shopping at the store.
    Columbus Café is currently the most popular coffee chain, with 200 stores in France and usually long queues in front of their cafés. The attractiveness of the attraction of customers is therefore almost pre-determined. Despite the raise in revenue, Carrefour will also receive marginal shares of Columbus’ revenue and will therefore benefit from the collaboration disregarding the increased revenue. Carrefour will provide the space while Columbus Café will provide the necessary human resources.
    Get ready to enjoy your hot drink while experiencing a soothing shopping experience at Carrefour!

  • Maryia Bashkardzina

    My name is Maryia. Here I will tell you what I would open in the Carrefour store. Carrefour is the place where we can find anything, but will customers be satisfied with the quality of the goods that these suppliers offer us. My idea is to open a small shop with fresh flowers and confectionery. This establishment will offer customers a large selection of fresh flowers and desserts in beautiful packaging. If a person goes after work in the evening and decides to go grocery shopping, having seen this store, he will have a desire to please a dear person by delighting him with such a surprise.
    To create a business, you need to rent several square meters in a carefur store and hire two florist workers.
    Basic expenses: wages for employees, rent of space, payment for electricity, purchase of flowers and desserts.

  • Siraya

    Dear Carrefour Board of Directors,

    My name is Siraya and I would like to introduce you to the new service idea for the store. I am emailing you to inform you about the idea of the fresh food subscription service which came from the pain points of people finding foods to consume. Nowadays, people living alone or in small groups have to purchase the more expensive goods or less choice of fresh food in the small portion while Carrefour lost them to the competitors that provide the fresh food in small portions.

    With the advantage of a big brand, Carrefour could provide the food at a lower price, so I suggest the company create a food subscription service which makes the customer get fresh, various and cheap food. Carrefour can also make meal plans for the people in order to get the proper nutrition which would benefit the people who lack the idea of their menu for each day. The customer could choose to deliver to places or self pick up the food box. This idea could make the company easily plan and manage the supply chain, reduce food waste, and also gain new groups of customers.

    Executing the fresh food subscription service could generate more revenues from the new groups of customer, reduce the cost of operations in the area of supply chain management and also less food waste at the end of the day

    Best regards,

  • Mekail Akram

    Eating healthy food has always been something difficult for most of the population in France with an increasing percentage since 1996 of citizens in a situation of obesity. Today this number has reached 17% and it’s time to change this!
    Eating healthy is available for anyone, contrary to the bias that people purchasing healthy food all go to Bio stores and purchase expensive fresh food.
    People need to change their mentality and make the move to a better way of consuming goods. The main issue that people face is the fact that Supermarkets are a place of temptation and people are often seduced by purchasing unhealthy food. Nevertheless, healthy food and consequently healthy recipes aren’t difficult and can be accessed with several different consumers budgets for groceries but what people are mostly lacking is to know what to purchase.

    Therefore, I came up with an idea to change this social issue. A service where one or two dieticians would be in the store (depending on how crowded are the hours). Their goal is to offer a service to consumers where they can either pay a subscription that would enable them to be followed and achieve their objective (lose weight for instance). The consumers could also pay a different subscription where they could have access to some recipes to eat healthier food, for each week several different recipes would be uploaded, with the total prices of each recipe.

    Carrefour would benefit by putting some reduction of price based on bundle pricing. This strategy would enable Carrefour to control its stocks and ensure that consumers keep coming back to carrefour and not purchase the elements elsewhere. Preparing all the ingredients in advance was not a viable idea but by having the dietician app linked to the Drive service of carrefour would enable them to have their food ready with the price known before.
    With us everyone is a winner, consumers eat healthy food and can plan how much their grocery shopping will cost them in advance. Carrefour benefits from the loyalty created by this service which enables them to improve their image and control their stocks. We of course benefit by winning new consumers every day thanks to the ongoing flow of consumers. And finally, we help this society to make a move forward to a better world where eating healthy is accessible to anyone.

  • Adèle GARREC

    The conditions of the contract are simple, I expect carrefour to give me their sold products, which will soon be more consumable, in exchange for a better brand image, part of the profits, a reduction in waste and finally , many new customers.

  • Naura Intan

    Carrefour Concept

    A tiny food court zone / area which will have 3 small carts aligned together. The 3 stands will sell :
    1. Dessert
    2. Fried foods
    3. Beverages
    3 employees are needed per stand to sell these goods. There will be sets of small picnic chairs and tables available for those who are buying from the stand. I wouldn’t suggest having too many sets in order to prevent overcrowding.
    I think it’s an excellent idea when bringing kids to distract themselves or as a small “shopping break” for the parents / whoever it is that are purchasing goods from carrefour. It’s great to get some refreshing drinks or eat to energize customers.
    I will not be targeting small carrefours where people can shop for a short period of time. Instead I want to target a bigger carrefour where people take a more extended time to shop.
    When there is a potential, I want to make a food festival outside of carrefour

    We would like Carrefour to provide me with :
    1. Sets of chairs and tables
    2. A small space in each Carrefour
    3. Consumable carrefour products
    4. Decorations
    5. Advertisements

    Benefits that Carrefour will get :
    1. More customers
    2. Get 15-20% from shares
    3. Advertising

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