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Bonjour à tous, vous trouverez dans mon blog tous les conseils qui me semblent essentiels pour réussir dans l’entrepreneuriat.

Je suis une serial entrepreneuse et j’adore littéralement cela.

Pourtant rien ne me destinait à cela.

J’ai appris, construit, essayé, ré-essayé.

Je me suis formée, encore et encore, et je vous livre aujourd’hui mes secrets et toute l’essence de ce qui m’a permis aujourd’hui de vivre en équilibrant une vie professionnelle stimulante et une vie privée épanouissante.

Si vous rêvez de faire naître votre concept,

si vous voulez accélérer votre business,

si vous faire une très belle clientèle au plus vite

si vous désirez maximiser vos chances de réussite

si vous êtes prêt à travailler chaque ingrédient qui conditionnera votre niveau et votre vitesse de réussite

alors je pense que ce blog vous plaira beaucoup.

Profitez bien de ce contenu, appliquez et échangez avec moi autant que vous le voulez

Rejoignez cette communautés de passionnés que vous soyez débutant ou déjà lancé, fous et folles prêts à croquer la vie et à ne jamais renoncer à nos rêves ou entrepreneur prudent mais ambitieux.

Vous êtes ici chez vous

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  • zafiral

    The item that I would like to sell at Carrefour is a sambal. Sambal is a chili sauce or paste, typically made from a mixture of a variety of chili peppers with secondary ingredients, such as shrimp paste, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, palm sugar, and lime juice. Sambal is an Indonesian loan-word of Javanese and Sundanese origin. The reason being that sambal is difficult to produce by hand at home thus by selling this people would enjoy more of indonesian food more with a reasonable price.

    My product can attract many consumers that have a high interest in asian food especially spicy food. Since Indonesian food has many spices, people that like to have a variety of tastes would enjoy it. Since in Indonesia the price of sambal is only 0.2 euro, it would be cheap to export to France in bulk and sell it for around 2-5 euros per bottle. This will add a new variant of food in carrefour and bring more engagement with the customer.

  • Mikael Josafat

    The item that I would propose to sell in carrefour is an instant fried rice spice in a packet or in a sachet. To be precise, I would sell only fried rice but there will be many variants as there are many different types of fried rice such as Indonesian fried rice, Chinese fried rice and Korean fried rice. Fried rice is an asian food that is loved by a lot of people in Europe, especially in France from my experience. As fried rice is not that easy to find in France, we can sell this easily for 40g a packet for 2-3 portions and it will be sold for 5 euro.

  • Recendiz, Kevin

    Hello, my name is Kevin Recendiz and I am here to show you a method that will benefit both your store and its customers. The name of my idea would be called « Carrefour Pickup » and its function would be that it allows its customers to shop throughout the store online and choose a time slot to come pickup their groceries. It would have a delivery fee if the groceries are less than 30 euros which would encourage shoppers to buy more since it saves them time from having to look for them on their own. Customers would be able to save grocery lists for future use which makes it easier for them and Carrefour would become more popular as a grocery store as well. It would be a long-term contract as it would benefit the store in the long run.

  • RESPATI, Narayan

    Hello, I am Narayan and I am here to present an idea: Carrefour Spa. Here in Rennes, there aren’t many big Carrefours around, there are mostly Carrefour Cities or Carrefour Express. This means that people would have to travel long distances to get to a Carrefour. I propose an area near the entrance of Carrefours with small massage facilities. That way, customers can store their groceries and relax for a while before heading back out.

    Since they will be located near entrances, people will be intrigued to try out the new facilities. Carrefour can profit from the payment customers make to use the spa facilities. With a reputable brand like Carrefour, and a marketing campaign to promote this new idea, I believe both Carrefour and its customers can benefit largely from this new installment.

  • Archie Chamalian

    Hello, my name is Archie Chamalian, and my idea that I would propose to Carrefour would be to have a fresh fruit smoothie stand in the store by the registers. This concept will be called “Carresmoothie”. The smoothies will be prepared with the newest blender technology to ensure fast and amazing smoothies. Also, the person making the smoothies will be a licensed nutritionist, knowing what antioxidants to pair together, advising the customers with their smoothies. If you have ever been to a tropical country by the beach, maybe you have seen a street vendor selling fresh local fruit or making fresh juices/smoothies with it. This idea is not very prominent in this part of the world, and I think it would be something that everyone would enjoy. All fruits will be locally sourced from trusted and partnered farmers. The fruit featured will be only the freshest, most ripe, and in-season fruits of the area, ensuring the best smoothie for the customer. Customers would be able to mix and match any of the available fruits in their smoothie to suit their taste, and of course the smoothie expert who is running the stand will have a menu of some classic smoothies. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a refreshing, antioxidant-rich smoothie at the end of your shopping?

    • Archie Chamalian

      Conditions for Carresmoothie. (Archie Chamalian)
      The partnership structure that I would propose to Carrefour would be to have a full-time stand in the store, and the selection of fruit would be different based on the season. We would pay Carrefour monthly to occupy a place inside their store. We can also have a partnership with the local farmers who are already partnered with Carrefour, to make getting the fruit easier and more efficient. The profits generated from this smoothie stand will be shared by the smoothie maker and I. Carrefour will already be getting paid by us on a monthly basis, so there is no need for them to receive any of the profits. I also believe that the presence of a smoothie stand inside the store will promote the purchasing of fruits from Carrefour. As a result, the smoothie stand will kind of act as indirect marketing for Carrefour’s fresh fruits, and perhaps will inspire customers to go home and make their own smoothies. We will not be a part of Carrefour enterprise, but will be partners and working together inside their store. The space required will be only about 2 meters sq, as there is no need for a big stand for this idea. I would like to have this places near the fruit section to better encourage the purchase of fruits by the customers. We will have signs and posters all over the store, as well as in the area of the store to promote the smoothies. The marketing will be handled by me and my company, as I don’t want Carrefour to be involved in that.

  • Ame Mathieu

    Hello, my name is Mathieu Ame, and the idea I would like to propose to Carrefour would be to organize cooking classes using the products on sale in the store. Indeed, this could be beneficial to Carrefour since customers who have participated in the cooking class will be able to directly buy the products they have used in the Carrefour. Cooking classes are more and more popular and I think that these could attract a large clientele among the youngest and the oldest.

  • Elena Roemer

    Hello, my name is Elena Römer and the product I would like to sell at Carrefour is Bevbas. Bevbas are teabag-looking bags, but not only for tea. The content of the bags will include the ingredients of the beverages most liked by everybody – Cocacola, Fanta, juices, etc. As soon as the content of the bags touch the water, the drink is created. The name Bevbags stands for beverage bags, referring to the concept behind my idea.
    What makes my idea unique is that it benefits not only the customers, but also the Company itself. Plastic-waste is being significantly reduced since everybody can mix their drink in their own reusable bottle – regardless of where they are. Also, the material of the bags would be biodegradable too. This way, Carrefour is going to display a more sustainable image to his stakeholders….
    My conditions are the following: I would like to position a stand in the shop where customers can try the product and they would also have the chance to buy a tester-set. I’m willing to pay an amount of money to Carrefour and if my product is successful, and I’m doing profit, the initial amount should be paid back to me. After that, if my product is introduced in their supermarket, Carrefour would get part of my profits.

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